Show off your staff

Yesterday we mentioned a screen displaying employee profiles at Holiday Extras. Looking to set this up at your own office?

It can take just 3 steps. We provide a how-to on AppleTV below:

1) Capture screenshots of the profiles you want to display.

2) Place the screenshots in a new iPhoto album.

3) Set that iPhoto album as a screensaver on AppleTV.

Of course, we take it up a notch with nine screens as shown above. Have you set this up? We’d love to see examples!

One response to Show off your staff

  1. Did you mean Holiday Extras? 🙂 rather than Holiday Express?

    I’ll send you some shots of our Holiday Extras team “’s” in action in our own office, unfortunately I can only offer up 1 x 40 inch flat screen TV – not nine! …. but u got me thinking! …. I am competitive 🙂 gonna have to go for 12

    Best regards
    Simon Hagger
    Holiday Extras

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