Lucila Vlielander

Freelancers, Entrepreneurs and Startuppers: Staff Picks

This week’s top four Staff Picks just happen to be an awesome group of startuppers, freelancers and entrepreneurs. If you’re searching for inspiration for updating your page and making it look its best, be sure to check out all these pages to see how they tell their stories.

We recommend starting with personal stylist, Lucila Vlielander, in our header photo. Based in Paris, she helps her clients look their very best on whatever their budget is, keeping in mind each person’s individual style, personality and profession.

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DeathtoStock_Creative Community3

The After Class Startup: 5 Ways To Explore Entrepreneurship Without Dropping Out

On college campuses across the world, entrepreneurship is hot. And you want in. Well, not all in.

Maybe your schedule is already jammed with classes, extracurriculars and commitments to student organizations. Or, perhaps you aren’t out to disrupt an industry or create the next Snapchat. But you do have an idea and want to see if it will work.

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CheHo Lam 2

A Musical Journey from Hong Kong to New York

“The instrument is somewhat an extension of the body, in which it speaks the soul of the player as interpreter.” – CheHo Lam

At the age of six, when his father first brought home a 1/8 size violin, CheHo Lam was ecstatic. “He said that this instrument was not a toy, that it would be my serious responsibility to take good care of it; that it was my ‘sabre‘ to always keep by my side.”

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Ilana Rooderkerk

4 More Ways to Use Backstory

A couple of weeks ago we hit a Backstory milestone with our 75,000th Backstory. Now, we’d like to highlight even more of the amazing people using Backstory on their pages. Whether or not you’ve added your Backstory, we hope these pages serve as inspiration for how you can use yours to tell your complete story.

In our header photo, we have Ilana Rooderkerk, an actress turned political scientist from the Netherlands. While her bio reveals much of her story, Ilana’s Backstory give her more space to go into depth about each of her current roles, (including some continuing studies!) and lays out her fascinating career path!

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Jeroen Landsheer

Your New Favorite Instagrammer

What started as a hobby for Jeroen Landsheer, quickly turned into a passion.

When this Dutch college student first started his Instagram account in January 2014, his goal was simple: take and share photos of cityscapes and street photography. Nearly a year later, his stunning shots have gained him tons of recognition on the platform.

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Nicole Bjelica

4 Amazing Internationals

Every week we select just four of our favorite Staff Picks for this post and this Saturday we’ve compiled a pretty international group! No strangers to living abroad, among them we have a cross cultural communications specialist and an international relations graduate journalist, just to name a few.

In our header photo we have Nicole Bjelica, a Texas based realtor who is bridging the gap between Budva, Montenegro and Houston one house at a time. She’s also an entrepreneur, former weekend warrior and proud mother.

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Ryan Kahn

5 Secrets to Landing Your Dream Internship

For a college student, securing a great an internship can be a game changer. It can be the difference between getting a job after graduation, or being unemployed.

As founder of The Hired Group, Ryan Kahn has helped more than 2,000 college students secure internships with top companies including Google, MTV, Apple, Sony Entertainment, Morgan Stanley, the Cleveland Indians and more.

A nationally recognized career coach, TV personality and author, Ryan knows first-hand how students can stand out in their internship search and land the job of their dreams. He joined us to share some tips and advice.

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