Featured Friday: NASA, Computer Science & Education

Happy Friday! It’s time for Featured Friday or #FFaboutme where we showcase pages submitted to us by our users. If you don’t see your page here today you can still participate for next week by adding your page link to your Twitter bio and tweeting @aboutdotme with the hashtag #FFaboutme.

If we think you have a great page we’ll feature you on Friday. And remember, since we’ll show your background photo here, be sure to have a picture of you. We want to see your lovely face!

Herb BakerHerb Baker lives by the motto “I’d rather regret the things I have done than the things that I haven’t.”  We couldn’t agree more.

Jeroen LandsheerA serious Instagrammer, Jeroen Landsheer, has the Instagram app on his page and you should be sure to check out to see more of his amazing work.

Rachit GuptaFrom India, Rachit Gupta now resides in Minnesota where he’s studying for a masters in Computer Science and Human Factors. He’s also part of Google’s Project Ara.

S. Michele HolmesS. Michele Holmes is all about technology and education and has a special interest in classroom gamification. She studies at the University of North Texas.


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Clocks, Pilsen and Castles: Czech Republic

Say hello to professional Czech unicyclist, Adam Gerza in our header photo. His picture is initially what caught our eye and inspired us to do a post on his country, the Czech Republic. Then we found there were so many awesome people to feature, it was hard to choose just a few.

Before you check them out below, here are a few quick and fun facts about the country.

  • The Czechs invented the Pilsner beer, first produced in 1842 in the city of Pilsen
  • Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is home to the oldest working astronomical clock in the world. It was built in 1410 and it’s functioning today.
  • There are over 2,000 castles and castle ruins in the country, one of the highest densities in the world after France and Belgium.
  • Czech chemist Otto Wichterle, invented soft contact lenses in 1959.

Now, without further ado, check out our favorite Czech pages!

Tea ŠplíchalováWe love Tea Šplíchalová’s page for its creative setup and her awesome bio. She talks about her love of pictures, social media marketing and organic cafes.

mirek molin A self proclaimed internet freak, Mirek Molin uses his page to show off his skills as a graphic designer with his stunning picture and great layout.

Bára Buchtová A social media marketing fanatic, Bára Buchtová is also crazy adventurous. She spent 8 months in Canada just for a change of pace.

Michal Kutil Co-founder and CTO of his own startup, Michal Kutil is all about efficiency and helping companies have more efficient production

Ivana Chodurová Ivana Chodurová works in public relations and is passionate about marketing and creative advertising.

Pavel Tobias Vybiral Pavel Tobias Vybiral is a marketing samurai with various marketing awards to his name. He is also a photography and TED talk lover.

Tereza Pecáková Tereza Pecáková or Teresinha, is a translator and Harry Potter lover with an awesome blog that she links to from her page.

Martin BugnerNot simply an IT consultant, Martin Bugner is an experimentalist, husband, father and life lover.

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Students of the Week: Worldly at NYU

The campus is the City, and the City is their world. Meet the students of New York University. This week’s #SOTW have a myriad of interests and experiences from technology to saving the world to art and media. It’s just what you would expect from the ever moving Big Apple.

amy.lu_1389293762_05Amy Lu is a Vancouverite living in New York City with a passion for all things digital, marketing, and world affairs. She’s challenging herself by taking an intensive computer science bootcamp course at CodeCore Academy while interning at the marketing division of Change Heroes.

meredithgrace_1291926608_89This English and American Literature student gets riled up about politics even though her main news source is The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, and things her friends tweet about. Besides being a professional student, Meredith Grace volunteers with an anti-human trafficking organization called Not For Sale.

marcus.jones_1400533644_75Marcus Jones world revolves around helping people take their lives or their business to the next level. Media, entertainment, tech, education, and fashion are all areas of his expertise and Marcus spends his free time at any concert, conference, or screening he can find.

Dominique RobertsDisparate interests come together to define Dominique Roberts, who is currently writing her honors history thesis on the Astor Place Riots of 1849 while completing a BFA in Drama. Interestingly enough, this NYU student is a transplant from the Second City.

5 things to do in or around NYU

  1. Check out a book or do research at the Jefferson Market Library Branch. The building, previously a courthouse and a woman’s prison, enjoys a notorious past, one that includes the murder trial of architect Stanford White. Mae West was held here on obscenity charges.
  1. Visit Grey Art Gallery at NYU. Located in the university’s main building and on the site of the original nineteenth century NYU structure, the university’s fine arts museum blends scholarship with innovative exhibitions.
  1. Take your own Dylan tour. Start with Jones Street, the small street depicted on the cover of Dylan’s second studio album, The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan.
  1. Reserve a seat at a jazz performance in the richly sonorous triangular basement room of the Village Vanguard or at the famous Blue Note. Make a whole weekend out of it.
  1. See a performance at Le Poisson Rouge. In the space of the old Village Gate on Bleecker, this multi-media arts and cabaret venue hosts many innovative and experimental performances. Contemporary arts help reinvigorate the Village as well as preventing it from wallowing in its own nostalgia.
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Backstory Elements: Resume

Since releasing Backstory just last week, we’ve seen an incredible amount of people add the feature to their pages. As you’re building out your Backstory, we want to share some great pages and tips to help you create one that attracts others to you.

In our header image we have filmmaker, rock climber and stuntman, Shane Borza whose Backstory section combined with his great page and compelling photo, really caught our attention. We love his entire Backstory but we specifically want to hone in on what we think is the best part, his resume.

Shane Borza resume

Let’s break down why his resume is so good.

Current Role and Work History

Shane keeps it short and sweet with his descriptions but still manages to capture the essence of his various roles in understandable terms.

Skills and Expertise

Nicely laid out in a list, Shane shares his 5 most important and compelling skills. Not to many, not too few.


With his education filled in, it’s easy to see Shane’s background in writing and literature which probably lead him to his role as a writer and film director.

Other sections

Shane also makes sure to fill in the other sections of his Backstory and entire page. He adds links to his IMDB page and current film project, apps and a quote about his passion. All of these elements combine to form a story of Shane’s journey as both a person and a professional.

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In the arctic, space & underwater: Photographers

“A picture is worth a thousand words” is a common saying and as we zoom in on photographers on about.me, the phrase is especially apt. These photographers speak volumes with the stunning works that they often use as their background photos.

Some photographers, like Serena Xu Ning in our header photo, choose to reveal their own faces  with amazing photos and self portraits. Others like Samuel Luna show off with gorgeous photos that represent the type of photography they specialize in. Either way, these photographers stretch the use of their pages to the limit, wordlessly and captivatingly telling their stories through pictures on the page and in their apps.

So feast your eyes on these awesome shots and the people behind the lens.

Steve CartySteve Carty has photographed the likes of Roger Moore and Colin Firth, among many others. He’s known for his ability to use photography to capture personality.

Kristina CepulkovskajaA fashionista, graphic designer and self proclaimed crazy cat lady, Kristina Cepulkovskaja hails from Lithuania but now lives in Denmark.

Christopher Michelabout.me advisor, Christopher Michel, is a founder, investor and formal naval officer who has been to space and serves as a life member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Françoise Rachez A Colombian in France, Françoise Rachez enjoys red wine, films and music.

Ken KamineskyKen Kaminesky is a cheese lover and travel photographer who has shot for  National Geographic and the New York Times, among various other publications.

Laura Lupascu An early starter, Laura Lupascu first began taking photos with her father’s old film camera at the age of seven.

Samuel LunaSamuel Luna resides in Mexico and specializes in underwater and wedding photography. Check out his apps for more of his works.

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Philosophers, Students and Programmers: Staff Picks

This Saturday in our Staff Picks we’re excited to have such a great group of people with fun pages and fascinating stories. Take Rebekah Iliff (our post header) who, in addition to being the Chief Strategy Officer for AirPR, studied philosophy and is a technology blogger for Huffington Post. Be sure to have a look at her page and leave her a compliment!

Here are some other pages we love.

Xavier ConradXavier Conrad is an incoming freshman at Seattle University who volunteers at his local pet shelter helping to socialize cats to humans.

Adriana G. LoyaAdriana G. Loya is a model, journalism major at Arizona State University, and vihuela player (similar to a guitar) in a mariachi band.

Arrel GrayArrel Gray is a programmer, lover of math jokes, and founder of Yolk and Centrally. In his word he’s “a nerd who makes web products for non-nerds.”

Have a fantastic weekend and remember to discover even more great pages on our Staff Picks page.

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Kickin’ around 30 Rock with Ali Vitali

Happy Friday everyone! This week on Featured Friday we’re excited to be introducing Ali Vitali, a Graphics Producer for The Cycle on MSNBC. Ali started there just two years ago when she was looking to put her Tulane degree to use in a job that would both let her show off her creative side and share her love of politics and news.

But there’s more to Ali than her job, there’s the personal side of her, which emerges somewhat in her videos (like the one below) that we wanted to learn more about. Things like what she drinks in the morning, (I’ll give you a hint, it’s not coffee) and other fun tidbits. As a millennial working in the media we also wanted to ask her how she uses her about.me page to tell both her personal and professional story. To see her answers to these questions, check out our written interview with her below.

Eliana: What made you sign up for about.me? Backstory?
Ali: I signed up for about.me after seeing it pop up on Twitter profiles as people’s main contact website. I figured if all of these cool journalists and influencers that I followed were doing it, I probably should, too. So I’m a glorified social media copycat but who isn’t nowadays?

E: What’s your favorite feature on the platform?
A: I actually think that Backstory is my favorite. I stumbled upon it after talking to about.me’s Director of Outreach, Paris Rouzati and loved that it let people take a deeper dive into who I am, what my background is, and the experiences I’ve had. Sometimes just reading someone’s job title doesn’t quite do justice to all of the things they do on a day-to-day basis and all of the things they’ve accomplished at certain positions.

E: What do you drink when you go to work every day?
A: I swore off coffee over a year ago (gasp!) so I fill my plastic Starbucks cup with water and lemon every morning and throughout the day.

E: How are you using the platform on other digital mediums?
A: I use it on my website as well as on my Twitter profile. The widget lays out really nicely on WordPress and allows me customize. I like having control over the size of my name and what information appears or doesn’t on my site’s sidebar.

E: What do you have in your bag that defines who you are?
A: I always carry my day planner — that book basically holds my life together — and a pen because you never know when you’ll need to jot something down or make note of something. My business cards, which literally define my job. A tube of Byte lipstick (in Fig) because I’m not a huge makeup person, but a few swipes of this and it’s a super low-maintenance way to look put together and fresh.

E: Advice for people making an about.me page?
A: Have fun with it and don’t be afraid to brag a little. Chances are you’ve done some interesting and amazing things — share that with the about.me community! I feel like people, especially women, tend to sell themselves short because they want to come off as humble and don’t want to brag, but there’s a way to show off your accomplishments without being annoying. Find that balance and if someone does call you out for #humblebragging, own it. You deserve a little moment in the digital spotlight.

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Living the Dream: Diana Doroftei

The way to create a miracle is to believe that you can do it. The rest is easy.

~ Nicolae Iorga, Romanian writer and philosopher

A few weeks ago, in our post on Romania, we highlighted Diana Doroftei and her book on the country, which helped us learn about her homeland.  Today, however, we’re learning more about Diana, her story and her life as an entrepreneur and author.

While life for Diana is pretty rosy now, having her book reach #1 on Amazon for its category and a job at a strategic management consultancy, it wasn’t always that way. She first started supporting herself at age 16 and in her first year in college took a summer trip to the U.S. with promise of work and the chance to pursue the American dream. The job she was promised, turned out to be a sham and she was left 10,000 miles from home and nearly homeless. With a lot of hard work and perseverance, however, she managed to find another job and support herself for the rest of the summer. Even after that experience in the U.S., Diana still had the desire to return and in 2009 she moved to New York City where she now lives and continues to dream.

On her blog she keeps a bucket list of 100 things she hopes to do in her lifetime including: visiting all 50 U.S. States (she’s reached just over half), appearing on a magazine cover, and eating at the underwater restaurant in the Maldives.

Interested in learning more about Diana and how she uses about.me? Read her answers below to see how she takes advantage of the platform.

Diana Doroftei

Eliana: What made you sign up for about.me?

Diana: I signed up for about.me after seeing the email signature of one of my friends, Melissa. The next moment I knew, I started playing around with pictures, words, colors and fonts and within 30 minutes I had a beautiful page that represented me as a whole person, work and personal. That was two or three years ago…

E: What’s your favorite feature on the platform?

D: I absolutely loooove the full-blown picture feature. I think and speak in pictures, so for me every user’s background picture speaks a thousand words.

E: How are you using the platform on other digital mediums?

D: I have my about.me page featured in my email signature. It is set up in my personal email as well as my work email.

E: How do “visuals” play into your day-to-day life?

D: I use lots of visuals in everything I do. That’s how many people consume information rapidly. Recently, I worked on an eLearning platform for a major corporation and visuals played a major role in everything we did. On the personal side, I take lots of pictures and videos for my personal blog where I share life stories and my bucket list.

E: Have you used about.me to connect with others on the platform?

D: Yes, I’ve made quite a few wonderful connections with people. I’ve been added to some boards (e.g. People to follow up with, Writers, Entrepreneurs), which is another great feature that I enjoy. This has caused my page to be visited by thousands of users. As a result of this, my network has grown considerably in the last few months.

E: Advice for people making an about.me page?

D: You never get the second chance to make a first impression, online or offline. Find the best picture of yourself and bring the whole You into the game. We are so much more than our work, our Facebook pages, our LinkedIn profiles and our Instagram pictures. We are all of these and a lot of other things… and that’s what I think the about.me platform allows us to do in a very easy and fun way—present a whole You.

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Students of the Week: Southern Adventurers at Texas Tech University

Hailing from Texas Tech University, these worldly students are highly ambitious and hope to change the world through their service. Located in Lubbock, Texas Tech is a research university home to students pursuing all levels of academic study.

Kelsey Sheridan

Kelsey Sheridan is a young lady always on the move. Having studied abroad in Germany at the European School of Business, she returned to Texas Tech to serve as a study abroad peer advisor while managing an 18 hour course load, an internship, and a part-time job. While she calls herself an adventurer she’s also not afraid to take time to relax and read a book.


Matt Reecer is a published novelist who also likes to dabble in photography, graphic design, and photo editing. His debut novel, The Shower Preacher, relates to his passion in serving others. Matt is seeking a career in ministry upon graduation and currently works with fourth and fifth graders at a preteen ministry.

jakehavins_1399427037_89Jake Havin is another student who has studied abroad. Last year, he studied at the International College of Management Sydney in Manly, Australia. A team player who believes in hardwork, Jake is already a colony founder for Lambda Chi Alpha and plans on attending law school after graduation.

augustaneal_1367975089_57Augusta Neal is as busy as a bee in a honey factory. Currently she’s the editor-in-chief of The Odyssey a campus newspaper, a campus representative for Donni Charm scarves and accessories, a stylist at Chrome, an intern at Griffinwink advertising agency and a blogger for Study Breaks. Augusta hopes to use her experiences to land her dream job:  a social media manager for a fashion brand.

5 Things to do at Texas Tech

  1. Silent Gliders Museum: Don’t miss The Silent Wings Museum. It tells the story of the American military glider program from WWII.
  2. Buddy Holly Statue and West Texas Hall of Fame: Make sure to check out the 8 ½ ft. bronze statue of rock ‘n roll legend Buddy Holly. He’s seen playing his guitar, circled by a Walk of Fame honoring other West Texas musicians, like Waylon Jennings and Mac Davis.
  3. Joyland Amusement Park: Featuring a Wild River and the Galaxi Ride, one simply cannot visit Texas Tech and not plan a stop at the Joyland Amusement Park.
  4. Purple Bull: Part of the public art scene in Lubbock, the “Purple Bull” was created by Stephen F. Austin professor, Jeffie Brewer. The sculpture is based off of the poem, “Purple Cow”. This beautiful piece of art is a great photo op!
  5. The Steel House in Ransom Canyon: This strange structure stands out amongst the brick houses in its background. The steel house was originally built as a smaller art piece, but the artist had a bigger plan for it. The interior is an artistic dream. A curvy staircase and floor to ceiling windows. The house was recently featured in Vogue magazine as a futuristic backdrop.
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Introducing Backstory

You’ve got people to meet, things to do, places to go. And you’ve got a great story to tell about yourself. You can use your resume to tell others who you are, but that doesn’t capture the full picture of you. Maybe you’re a student just starting his career or an artist who would prefer to highlight her body of work instead of writing about it, or a realtor looking to show off his personality. That’s why we’ve created Backstory. So you can, in a more visual way, showcase who you are both professionally and personally.

Adding a Backstory to your page connects your resume, portfolio and about.me page to showcase your skills and aspirations. Through Backstory you can relate your story and more easily connect with others, because that’s how people connect, through stories. It’s rare that people get excited about lines on a resume. It’s just a listing of facts and dates. So what that you worked for a law firm for two summers? The interesting part is what’s never written on your resume. The picture of you traveling the world and the story of how your experience abroad inspired you to go into law even though you studied biology in college. With Backstory connected to your about.me page, it’s easy to make this story come alive, and connect with people on a personal level. This could lead to the door opening for professional opportunities including work collaborations, jobs and hopefully an expansion of your network.

And whether or not you already have an about.me page, it’s easy to set up a Backstory. Plus, you can customize it however you want and turn the different sections of your Backstory on for public view when you’re ready. Try it out, let us know how you like it, and as always, have fun with it. Because it is your story and this is your chance to share it.

Learn more here.


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