How One Student Is Building A Career While Getting Her Degree

Jaleesa Jones is one of those students who you look at and think, “How does she do it all?”

As a Communications major at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill with two minors, it’s a wonder that she finds time to serve as a campus correspondent for USA Today College, and as the president of her school’s Her Campus chapter.

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The Evolution of the Business Card

Business cards, or some form or them, have been around since 15th century China when royals used them as a way to announce a visit to a town’s residents.

Around the 17th century, the use of “calling cards” spread to the masses, mainly as a way for a person to show that he or she had stopped by for a visit. But there were other uses for them too and the rules governing the size and shape of the calling card, when to leave it and when to send it followed a strict code.

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Under the Lens with Eprahhl

For a busy doctoral student, B. April Eom, better known online as Eprahhl, has a surprisingly neat desk. At least that’s what we thought when she sent us her Deskie via Twitter a few weeks ago. Curious to know more about her (and how she manages to keep her desk so clean!) we interviewed Eprahhl as part of our Deskie series.

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10 Quotes to Live By

Everyone needs a motto. On dark days, a motto can help you see the light. On good days, it can remind you to be thankful.

Whether it’s your Grandma’s best advice, an inspirational Steve Jobs musing, or a classic Marilyn Monroe quote, words can give you a boost of motivation to remind you of what’s most important.

Here are few of our favorite Backstory quotes from about.me users and why they’re so powerful.

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Marc Hemeon

Hats, Entrepreneurship and Journalists: Staff Picks

The weekend is here and as you’re doing some casual Saturday internet browsing don’t forget to check out all the awesome people in our Staff Picks section. With great photos, and even better photos to tell about them, it’s a page worth checking out on a weekly basis. Here are four of our favorites from this week.

In our header we’ve got Marc Hemeon, co-founder of North and former designer for YouTube and Google. He loves family, surfing, and painting and his awesome page definitely deserves some compliments!

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Software Developers and Entrepreneurs: Featured Friday

Happy Friday Everyone! For this week’s Featured Friday post we had so many great entrants that we really had a hard time narrowing it down to just four pages!

But remember, there’s always next week! If you don’t see your page on this week’s #FFaboutme you can enter next week by adding your about.me URL to your Twitter bio and tweeting at us @aboutdotme with the hashtag, #FFaboutme. In order to be eligible you must have a photo of you and your lovely face in the background!

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How to Make Your College Application Stand Out in the Crowd

November is officially college application month. Across the country, high school seniors are scrambling to put their best foot forward with the hopes of getting accepted into the college of their choice.

While some approach college application season with the “Keep Calm and Carry On” mentality, others meet it with fear and panic. For today’s student, the competition is tougher than ever. Especially if you’re applying to a school like Harvard where they reject nearly 95% of applicants.

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